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We are an Online Communications Company. We provide turnkey solution for your complete online promotion, branding & marketing. You can mail us with your company profile product information and contact details. We will get back to you with complete sample plan of your online promotion.


Company Profile

Internet Marketing Company

LINC7 takes pride in calling itself an Internet Marketing Company serving 100+ valued customers. We speak the word when it approaches to search engine marketing. We are professional search engine optimization and Internet marketing consultants based in Ahmedabad, India.

Our mission is to

·Provide the highest level of customer support
·Deliver services in a timely, efficient and precise manner
·Exceed our clients’ expectations at affordable rates

At Linc7 we run unique marketing campaigns, concentrating on valued brands, and contributing ourselves to developing excellent client relationships. Our services stand out from the crowd, as we believe in excellence. With the help of our customers and their feedback, we have set our goal to enhance and ease the entire online marketing operations of our subscribers through growing list of services and benefits designed to meet the combination of needs at all membership levels. We believe in progressing constantly and being innovative.

We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals specialized in search engine marketing, who put maximum possible efforts to satisfy client’s requirements and reach their target market. Our team is made of dedicated, organized individuals who have our clients at the forefront of everything they do. We know that your brand is your biggest asset. We are superior at maintaining and increasing brand values, however our practices are absolutely ethical and we never entertain practices that are not acceptable by any search engine. We have developed a product that is used by various businesses in the most lucrative ways. We can help you plan out the course of your evolution and provide technology that will get you there.

>>> Services

>>Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be defined as the activity of optimizing Web pages or whole sites in order to make them more search engine-friendly, thus getting higher positions in search results. When your potential customers search on search engines your website will come on top position, which will bring more target traffic to your website. Search engines are the most important medium in bringing qualified visitors to your website.

Online Promotion and Visibility Generation

Once you have your website with you, then the next step is to get it visible to your prospective customers. We bring more visibility to your website through following ways.

>>Email Marketing

We identify the individuals who are either interested or can be interested in rendering your services and send them emails, newsletters and proposals on your behalf to increase your brand awareness and generate more traffic on your website. This target market eventually gets converted into added business. We identify these individuals from search engines, directories and company websites. We send around 500 emails daily on an average to individuals who are specifically in the hunt for your category of services and can be easily converted into additional prospective opportunities.

>>Group Mailings

We recognize groups online where your services can be marketed remarkably. These groups are available on portals like Google, Yahoo and MSN. On such giant portals, one can find groups of each and every category and class. Yahoo stores thousands of groups based on your industry. On an average each group consists of 1000 members. So group mailing on each and every portal can bring good visibility and leads on the website.

>>Networking Sites

Networking and community sites are innovation of version 2 of Internet. These days there are thousands of networking and community sites mushrooming on www. Like-minded people, those who illustrate common interest are connected with each other on such portals. These community portals are committed to provide an online meeting place for people to socialize, make new acquaintances and find others who share their interests.

We can use such platforms in creating brand awareness of your website. We can target your industry communities in creating visibility. Because of high percentage of active users available on such podium, there is high proportion of returns as well.


A blog is a Web page that serves as an openly reachable personal journal for an individual. Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author. Hence using blogs as marketing and promotional tools can not only provide brand value to the product but also to the author or company who manages it.
Blogs provide details or news on wide range of subject, such as food, tea, pharmaceutical, local news or anything in an around. Blogs on your industry can act as a powerful tool for its user to find more information on your industry. It can also be accessed by its users for asking question to the author or the company on your industry.


Chatting with live person can be used as dominant tool in bringing prospective customers to the website. It can also provide effective medium of providing vital information to the live people. Everyday hundreds of people logon to various groups on Yahoo and Google and chat with other people belonging to same interest in groups. These bunches of live people can be transmitted with some serious information related to clinical research and its courses. To conclude chatting can also act as important weapon in marketing your website.

>>>Portfolio (Success Stories)

Some of the company’s who are using our services for their website promotion are as below:
Swati Engineering – www.refrigerationcompressorspares.com
Benmoon Pharma Research – www.benmoonpharma.com
CafĂ© Mint – www.cafemint.net
Diamond Enterprise – www.holymemories.com and www.glassnmarble.com
B V Jewellers – www.bvjewellers.com
Aroma Exports – www.aromaexport.com
Domino Cargos – www.dominocargos.com
Dee Cubes Diamonds – www.deecubes.com
Kunal Restaurant – www.kunalrestaurant.com
Enucleus – www.enucleusindia.com
For details on all the ongoing projects please logon to our website http://www.linc7.com/successstory.html

>>>Our projects

Linc7 hosts and maintains some of the biggest portals belonging to different industry segments. These portals can also be used as promotional and marketing medium for creating your brand awareness. We can place your banner advertisement on these portals and divert the interested traffic to your website.

>>Machine Junction

http://www.machinejunction.com/ is a leading B2B business directory for new and used machinery, machine tools, equipment, and industrial supplies. Machine Junction list thousands of industrial properties for various industries viz. chemical, textile, food processing, plastic, pharmaceutical etc. Machine Junction also covers industrial supplies such as cranes, generators, compressors, pumps, motors, transformers, boilers, turbines, and many more. Over 1,000 businesses are listed with Machine Junction directory, which is updated daily.


>>http://www.tendercity.linc7.com/ is one of the largest tender portals of India. Established in 2000, www.tendercity.co.in has become the preferred choice for advertising and viewing tender notices in the market. Tendercity provides exceptional packages dedicated to notifying all the latest, specialized business opportunities, from both the private as well as government sectors throughout India. Tendercity provides a broad range of categories that cater for every industry.


Linc7 will act as your online marketing department and provide you all kind of services that your personal online marketing department will do. We have necessary infrastructure and skilled manpower to take care of day to day developments of internet and provide you the best solution from it. Linc7 will use all the tools and techniques available on World Wide Web in promoting your website and bringing targeted traffic on it.


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